Travel - Packing Tips


General Travel – Packing Tips 
Make sure your Passport has not expired or is going to expire six months prior to trip.
We need a copy of your passport.
It's a good idea to place a copy of your passport in all luggage.
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You will get your tickets at the airport. Keep the tickets in a safe place. Never lay them down anywhere. Check to see if they have the same name as on your Passport.  This will ensure that we can all return when scheduled.



Check with your airlines regarding baggage restrictions.

Make sure you leave enough room for souvenirs. You should have a special tag to go on your luggage.This helps us identify the baggage quickly when arriving at the airports. Also place a copy of your itinerary in your luggage.



You will need to pack any medications in your carry-on, as well as one change of clothes and your toiletries. All medications whether PRESCRIPTION OR OVER-THE COUNTER MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL CONTAINERS AND CLEARLY MARKED.
If you bring anything electrical, you will need a 220 ADAPTER unless it has a switch to convert it to 220. For your cameras,
camcorder, tape player, etc… May also have a converter switch on them. If not contact Radio Shack for Converter. Make sure you buy all your FILM & BATTERIES for cameras in the U.S. it is less expensive.

It is a good idea to pack a BOTTLE OF WOOLITE, so you can do some laundry in your hotel room. SUNSCREEN is suggested, a GOOD HAT and/or UMBRELLA, and SUNGLASSES. Some people find that having an INFLATABLE NECK PILLOW is the only way to sleep on the plane-if you really can sleep on a plane. You can find them in many shops that carry luggage. We suggest that you purchase a WAIST POUCH for carrying your passport and money. (You will need two copies of your passport before you leave).

We have found that 2 or 3 gallon zip lock bags are very useful in packing your items. If you put your clothing in these bags and remove the air it allows more room and when security wants to check inside your luggage it is easy to put everything back because the bags keeps your clothing from being rearranged.
Any items such as finger nail files, scissors or small pocket knifes needs to go in your large suite case or it will be



We have requested that both men and women please dress modestly. That means no shorts and no bare shoulders for men or women at the holy sites only. Women can pack a shawl or light sweater/jacket if you think your sleeves are not long enough for going to the holy sites. You can pack a pair or two of shorts and we will let you know if you can wear them on a travel day.  Please do not pack anything that is military green or camouflage. You will also want to pack a swimsuit & beach towel for floating in the Dead Sea, or for Mikveh.

  • Men: Shorts, Jeans, or casual slacks, jacket or coat it will be cool at night.
  • Women: Capri, Jeans, Long skirts, leggings, dresses, slacks, Jacket or sweaters are suggested.

*This time of year you would want to dress in layers. Some places are colder than others.
Make sure you have a GOOD PAIR OF WALKING SHOES. If new, make sure you walk in them for a couple of weeks to break them in.
On the plane you will want to wear loose-fitting clothes and pack a pair of slippers to wear for the flight, as well as a
lightweight jacket. Make sure your shoes are not lace-up, as your feet may swell a little.



Some people find that getting off caffeine and taking compounds high in anti-oxidants to be helpful in combating jet lag. You can also take Jet-stress or Cell Guard that is herbal complexes designed to combat jet lag. Ginger can be helpful in motion sickness. Melatonin helps to allow you to sleep on the plane. These items can be found at most health food stores. At least two weeks prior to the trip & while traveling on the plane, if you stop all caffeine, coke, teas etc… and drink only water you will find that the jet leg is not there and you rest easier.



BRING LOTS OF $1.00 BILLS- You will be amazed at how much sells for $1.00! (Like bottled water-which you will need on a daily basis). AMERICAN MONEY is accepted almost everywhere, along with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS and many places take TRAVELERS CHECKS (not recommended). You will even find shops that take AMERICAN CHECKS.



Binoculars are good to take and pack in large suit case. We suggest a scarf, hat for windy, rainy, snowy or hot days and a rain parker (jacket) ~ it's always good to be prepared. Highly recommended is to take in your carry on snacks (healthy snacks) ~ remember chocolate melts. You will want snacks for plane, tour bus, at night in Hotel, and even while touring. Bring extra its fun to share and trade. Take a pen & spiral notebook, journal etc.. for making notes.
**If you would like to bless the tour guide and bus driver you may bring them something from the USA. They love it!