Q. How long is the flight from the USA to Israel?

A. Flying time from JFK to Tel Aviv, Israel. The total flight duration from JFK to Tel Aviv, Israel is 11 hours, 50 minutes. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also adds an extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing.


Q.  What are the baggage allowance for the airlines?

A. With the advent of baggage fees (except on Southwest Airlines), it can be confusing to travelers to know what carriers' policies are when it comes to checked and carry-on baggage. So allow us to separate fiction from fact when it comes to checking in luggage and toting your carry-on pieces.  Baggage allowances are the same on airlines. The major carriers tend to have similar policies, but low-cost carriers' rules tend to run the gamut. You may not even be allowed to check in excess pieces, and some airlines charge a flat rate per extra checked bag where others may charge for every extra pound or kilogram. Baggage regulations can vary greatly, and it is always important to call the individual airlines to verify their particular rules and restrictions, 


Q. If you travel on more than one airline, your luggage can be booked through. 

A.  Not all airlines have ticketing and interlining agreements, which means you will have to pick up your luggage and check in with the next airline.  This is expecially true when you travel international and there is no interline agreements with legacy carriers. Let's say you're traveling on Southwest Airlines from Tampa, FL to JFK airport.  You will have to go to baggage claim, pick up your bags in Terminal 5, then transfer to Terminal 2 and check in for your El Al airline flight. (This is just an example)

Q.  Your luggage will automatically get checked through if you are connecting.

A.  This isn't always true.  If you incoming flight is late, there may be time for you - - but not your luggage - - to make the connection.  Check your luggage tags to make sure all of your flight numbers are there, and go to the baggage passenger service office if your luggage doesn't arrive when you do.  

Q.  What happens if my luggage doen't arrive when I do? 

A.  Go over to the airline's baggage claim office and file a claim immediately. Make sure you give the agent the claim ticket, email them a photo of your lost luggage and get a copy of the report. It's also good to write down the name of the baggage agent and get a specific phone number (not the airline's general information number) to call to follow up on the progress for your baggage search.  Also give the airline an address where they can deliver your luggage once it's found.

Every airline gives you a copy of your luggage tag, and you should hang onto it. Travelers should also have a photo of their luggage and a list of items that have been packed (I use the Packing Pro iPhone app, which costs $2.99).

When my luggage was lost, I asked for money to buy a few essential items.

If they decline, get a list of items they will reimburse you for and remember -- keep receipts of everything you buy. Keep checking in on the status of your bag.

If your bag arrives, check immediately after it's delivered to make sure it hasn't been damaged and that none of your items are missing. If your bag is damaged or items are missing, ask the airline to pay for repairs and lost items. If the bag can't be fixed, negotiate to be reimbursed for the damages. Also negotiate to be reimbursed for missing items.

But if the worst happens and your luggage is declared officially lost (usually after a week), submit a more detailed form to the airline that will estimate the value of the items in your baggage.  According to the Office of Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement, the maximum you can receive from an airline for a lost bag and its contents is $3,300 per passenger on domestic flights, and $1,131 per passenger for checked baggage on international flights.

If that amount doesn't cover everything that was lost, check your homeowners or renters insurance to see if your items are covered. And most credit cards have automatic baggage coverage if you bought your airline ticket on one.

Make sure your bag has a tag with your name, phone number and email address. Also drop a business card (with contact information to your destination city) inside your luggage just in case the tag is torn off.

Finally, don't check in at the last minute, because your bag may not make it on the flight. Double check that you receive a claim check for every checked bag, and keep them until you receive all of your luggage.  And make sure your bags are properly tagged to the correct city, and remove old bag tags. For more information on baggage rules check with the airlines.  

Q.  May I have a carry-on on the plane?  

A.  Baggage regulations can vary greatly, and it is always important to call the individual airlines to verify their particular rules and restrictions, but Yes most airlines do allow a carry-on, on the plane.  

Q.  Will the international flight to Tel-Aviv serve a meal on the flight?  

A.  El Al Airlines offers you a meticulously planned menu that is both creative and nutritious, from the kitchen of EL AL's Head Chef Moshe Segev, one of Israel's top chefs.  The food and beverages service is specially adapted to the time of your flight - a pampering breakfast in the morning hours or a warm  meal in the afternoon? or evening.  The meals are accompanied by a choice of drinks, including select wines.?? Kosher meals are available upon request.  

Q.  Will there be snacks on the flight?

A.  Yes, during the international flight with El Al Airlines water, soda, coffee, and hot tea along with light snacks (cookies, crackers etc...)

Q.  How nice are the hotels that the group will be staying while in Israel or Jordan?  

A.  They are 4 and 5 star hotels.  

Q.  How will I know what to pack for the trip?  

A.  Click here